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“Working with Kelly is helping me be a more confident person with healthy boundaries. I highly recommend her work.”

– Anonymous, Columbia, MO


My sessions with Kelly have been so essential for me especially in the area of stress management. She has given me the tools (EFT) that I can literally tap into (no pun intended) throughout my day to help calm my system and my body's reaction to stress.

I am a wife, mom, and business owner and it is so easy to get caught up in the endless tasks that need my attention and allow stress, work pressure, or the feelings of needing to do it all take over my life. I believe Kelly and her sessions have had a huge impact on how I deal with things day to day and to allow me to let go of those stresses that I used to hold on to and deal with months on end. Because of this ability to release the physical symptoms and emotional hold of stress, I find that I am able to work through issues/stresses in my life quickly and therefore become more productive and efficient and have grown areas of my life, especially my business by leaps and bounds. 

I think EVERYONE can benefit from what Kelly teaches/offers, but I feel especially passionate about business owners seeing how it has helped me in all areas of our national brand. I jokingly refer to Kelly's EFT sessions as my drug of choice. EFT has taken me from a feeling of overwhelm to calm in as little as 15 minutes and allows me to strip away the issue until it becomes very basic. I think in this fast paced world, where multi tasking is the norm and hustle is a hype word, EFT is the best thing you can learn. Before I started with Kelly, I thought I was handling my stress fairly well and I definitely didn't think it was affecting me as much as it was. My head was saying "your fine, keep trucking", but my body was showing symptoms of being in flight or fight. When your body is constantly in that state, you are essentially shut down to so many different things. Creativity, fresh ideas, better solutions to work flow literally cannot enter. After my first session with Kelly, I immediately realized how much of an impact this hustle was having on my business, relationships and life and how EFT allowed the calm to enter. I felt more relaxed which lead to being in the state of mind to let all of these ideas, solutions enter my life. If you are a business owner and you begin to tap, you are setting yourself up to move your business forward. It's as simple as that. 

I used to go to yoga to achieve that zen feeling and it would take an hour or more to achieve it plus a lot of hard work. Kelly has given me the tools to use the technique to achieve the same feeling in as little as 15 minutes and I can access it 24/7. I would list EFT as one of the top 5 reasons our business is successful...that's how much I believe in the power of it.

– Jesse Bodine, President and Co-Founder of Scout & Nimble


I was recommended to Kelly by a friend, and I was skeptical that the results would be immediate, but it really is true. I will go into a session feeling sad or overwhelmed and leave with confidence and surety. It has completely transformed the way I manage and deal with stress because I feel in control of my emotional and physical reactions.

I recommend Kelly to every business owner I know! This is truly the best investment I have made in myself and my business since I started my company.

- Kristen Brown,  Owner of Hoot Design Co.

"I've told these stories a million times to a million people and this is the first time I actually feel better. I can't even remember the last time I felt like this. Thank you."

– A.S., Columbia, MO

"Kelly's work was logical and intuitive at the same time. She had a map, at the same time was confident enough in her skills to adapt to what came up.

I've noticed a significant decrease in my concern of other opinions. I've developed a sense of courage to put myself out there and take on projects I was too insecure to do before.  

While working with Kelly I began a project I had been putting off for a long time. The finished product surpassed by expectations. In the beginning of our coaching relationship Kelly asked me to make a goal for our work. I hit that goal and surpassed it. Within 90 days my business  has more than doubled.

-Carolyn Paris, Executive Performance Coach
I felt safe immediately. Her warmth and caring were tangible. She listened first, and was honoring of my sense of what to focus on first. Kelly is fearless and so supportive. Open to whatever I brought and was able to help me address feelings, memories, thoughts, experiences more deeply than I have experienced before in a counseling/coaching setting. (I have spent decades {I am 71} pursuing healing, from hypnosis to multiple brands of therapies and experiences) She is very empathetic and quick to flow with the healing that was happening. Very focused on teaching how to tap as she led me though the tapping process.

Kelly is a gift and a treasure. Nothing surprises her, in a good way. Nothing is too far for her to reach with you as you reach for more. She has a wisdom deeper than the earth itself. A compassion that is as big as the universe. A willingness to go for it that shouts. It is an honor to share my healing experience with her. Wow
— Phyllis Larson, Columbia, MO


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